About Us

Durrieu | Canosa S.C. is a law firm focusing on Compliance, Corporate Governance and Economic Crimes, often involving due diligence and compliance procedures, corporate and tax structuring advice, misconducts, disputes and complex litigation, with a special emphasis on international matters.

Our Practice


– Fiscal and Corporate Issues Cross Border.

– Mediation Mechanisms of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

– Negotiations and international financing.

Penal law, Business crimes & Constitutional law

– Tax Crimes.

– Social Security Crimes.

– Corporate Fraud & Asset Recovery.

-Cybercrimes & Counter-piracy.

Corporate Governance

– Tax planning and compliance.

– Corporate prevention and investigation.

– Liability of Directors and Statutory Auditors.

Complex litigation & dispute resolutions

– Court and out-of-court negotiations.

– Tax litigation before the Federal Tax Court and Criminal courts in Economic matters.

– Supply Law No. 20680.